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Berita  |  20 December 2017 - 09:24

English Language Training (ELT) 2018 Is Now OPEN

English Language Training (ELT) 2018 Is Now OPEN

English Language Training (ELT) Program 2018

Supported by The Australian Embassy Jakarta and IALF Jakarta

What is the ELT Program 2018?

ELT Program has been held since March 2017 and taken place at Politeknik Imigrasi. This is an English Language Training Program for future Immigration Officers who plan to upgrade their English skills. Students will learn about the General English, English for an Immigration Inspection at border controls, and English for an Interrogation process. The ELT Program 2018 is a 25-week course with 2 evaluations (middle and final). Students will have a great experience in learning English with the native and experienced teachers. This program is initiated by the Politeknik Imigrasi and supported by the Australian Embassy Jakarta and IALF Jakarta. The ELT Program 2018 is now open for 128 students. This is a free ELT Program for Politeknik Students year 1.


To be eligible to apply for the ELT Program 2018, you must meet the below listed criteria:

1.       Having self-motivation in learning English and completing the course.

2.       Having a great participation in the class.

3.       Being able to work in a team.

4.       Being competitive.

5.       Being active.

6.       Having integrity and commitment in learning English.

7.       Showing good attitude, behavior, and respect.

8.       Ability to communicate with one another.

9.       Having future goals and plans to achieve them.

10.   Individual determination to succeed.

How to apply

Please fill out the ELT 2018 application form and send it to before 21 January 2018. You can download the application form at starting in 20 December 2017.

Application Form: